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For those of you who don't know who I am my name is Evan Geier


Evan Geier 

1.  Occupation:  Amazon 

2.  Occupation Background:  Mill worker, gig economy worker, investment activist, and YouTube creator 

3.  Educational Background:  U of O B.S. Honors Business Finance and minor in Economics 

4.  Prior Government Experience:  National Communications Coordinator 

I am the better candidate and I want to win even though the seat I actually want is seat #1.  I want seat #1 because given enough time in office I want to be responsible like every leader should be. I am not campaigning against anyone rather working for a better life.  Those who have followed my advice have made money and we need someone who knows what they are doing up.  Evan Geier likes how he understands and placed business, finance, and economics alongside/before politics and being honest wants seat #5 to be a path to the white house executive where green ideas like solar can be implemented at a large scale and lower cost.  Previous voter guide investor statement:  "Going forward most oil exploration and production companies to outperform market," origination (URL) website and May 2020 voters phamplet.  Use the advice 2020 and decide 2022 and return the favor financially only if oil over price $100 and you would like to meet me in person.  To be honest I've been in, out, and in energy during my life for better or worse financially starting with Exxon in 1995 as my first stock ever and First Solar in 2008 (which I still hold). 

Evan's YouTube:  Evan Geier - YouTube 

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