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Evan D Geier


  • Honors B.S. business finance graduate at U of O, minor economics.

  • Labor in freezing cold environment (Dreyer's Ice-Cream), Phyiscal industrial labor (Longview Fibre / RSG Forest Products), Technological labor (Uber, Sears (Electronics), and TNG).  Created this website myself

  • In the case the 30-Year interest rate hits 0% there is nothing left to borrow and slowly then faster the economy burns down and it could be argued it isn't the 30-Year.

  • Investor/Trader since 1995 (Going Forward Buy and Hold.)(Diversify, Outperform, Stay/Be/Get Safe, Invest in oil Specific tickers:  CHK!!!(Fav), SWN, XOM at least 1/3 oil stocks

  • #Evan Geier contributes


  • Baseball team sports, Basketball team sports

  • Chess state tournament

  • High School three sport scholar athlete

  • State competition wrestler in high school (most improved fr),

  • Track high school, and high school soccer (3 year varsity)


  • Interested and active in researching, learning, and studying God/Religion as well as being religious

  • National honor society, student life volunteer, and A's in leadership

  • Senior class president

  • Finance Chair, National Communications Coordinator

  • ASUO Presidential Candidate (Votes via Online Internet)

  • Clackamas County Commissioner Seat #3 Candidate

  • Evan is asking search "Evan Geier" on YouTube

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